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Let’s Talk About Me

Brian is a Boston-based creative who has specialized in visual design for over 15 years in a variety of industries including corporate advertising, print media, marketing, boutique campaigns, and retail & event design. In 2007 he was employed as a designer at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; from 2008-2014 he led the Design Department for the MFA’s retail division where he received multiple national awards and set new parameters for developed product sales expectations. As a leader in museum product development, Brian has created retail design packages for MFA partner institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum and the Brandywine River Museum, and his products have been globally purchased for resale by museums including LACMA and the National Gallery of Art.

Brian has collaborated with an wide array of corporate, non-profit and private clients locally, nationally and internationally. His design work reflects a diverse range of forms including advertising, merchandise, fashion textiles, consumables, literature, logo, illustration and environmental graphics and has been seen in Newsweek, USA Today and The Boston Globe. Locally he has collaborated with many of Boston’s most recognized brands such as Showcase Cinemas, the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, and the Boston Beer Works.

Let’s Talk About Me Some More

As a painter, Brian has been a regular exhibitor in Boston’s fine art community since 2002 and is a member of both the Copley Society of Art (CA) and the Rockport Art Association, the two oldest and arguably most prestigious non-profit art associations in the United States. Experienced in gallery ownership, Brian opened the Canvas Alley Gallery in Reading, Massachusetts in 2004 and with his wife Heather launched Honeyhole, an art gallery and upcycled antique store, in 2015. His paintings have garnered multiple awards including the 2012 Copley Society Circle Scholarship, have been featured in a number of magazines including the August 2015 issue of Studio Visit and have been added to a variety of private and corporate collections. He holds a BFA in illustration from Syracuse University and has completed postgraduate work in design at Montserrat College of Art and in painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Brian also sculpts, using found metals such as cast iron, steel and aluminum. He enjoys incorporating various materials and developing methods to enrich his sculptures, such as custom patinas, stains and enamels. He also ranges into contemporary painting, creating mixed media pieces that are highlighted with digital paintings, text elements and encaustic wax techniques and often merge his experience as an illustrator, designer and oil painter.

And Now For Some Color Commentary

In 2013 Brian, Heather, and a cat named Turtle purchased 1920s arts & crafts bungalow nestled in a ring of old spruce trees on one acre of land in Haverhill, Massachusetts, where they subsequently married and soon after began what was to become a lifetime of raking pine needles. Their house offers enough indoor space for an office and studio, outdoor space for plein air painting, and a barn for antique refinishing and sculptural work.

When not making art professionally, Brian enjoys Wiffleball, earthcombing, animals, linguistic anthropology, paintmaking, cob-smoked bacon, sorting things into small glass bottles, hiking, his no-goodnick brothers, the following Johns: Bonham/Steinbeck/Sargent/Tolkien, Belgian beer, avant-garde re-purposing, fontkraft, cooking, cowboy boots, cufflinks, crosswords, italian ice, using turn signals, Cheetos, detective stories, fireworks, Bruce Willis movies, fixin’ stuff, snowball fights, canoes, skyscrapers, 8-ball, gravy fries, woodsmoke, maps, kitchen gadgets, ukulele music, planting, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and most of all, spending time with his wife.