| ‘On A Shaker Theme’ Necktie
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‘On A Shaker Theme’ Necktie

About This Project

The geometric beauty of On A Shaker Theme by Charles Sheeler lends itself to this 100% silk tie. From the collection of structures on the bottom of the tie to the sweeping and vibrant blue sky highlighted by architectural details, Sheeler’s precise use of line and color relects the beauty of the urban landscape. To create the design, the painting was deconstructed and re-built to make an effective grouping of structures against an aesthetically appealing background color. Sheeler’s original brushstrokes and linework were used in the re-creation, meticulously copied in tiny pieces and carefully re-joined to make the transitions seamless.

The tie was designed to be worn either with a collared shirt, leaving the pattern fully visible, or–for a more conservative look–worn with a buttoned jacket concealing the lower part of the pattern.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston




Concept, layout & design


Design / Product & Package, Design II